Home Sweet Home!

Well I’m back from my trip to Rome and I know one thing for sure, Nokia is alot bigger in Europe than in the US.  The moment I get out of the train from the airport and I see this:


and in the Metro stations I see these:


Yes, an actual ad showing a Nokia phone.  I never see this in the states.  As far as users I saw plenty of N95’s, some N82’s, and even a couple of N70’s being used there. 

During my trip to Rome, I noted some keypoints while I was using my Nokia N97 to keep myself “wired”:

  • The Gravity app works very well for mobile tweets.  My only gripe is the fact that you can only upload the 10 or so most recent pictures.
  • GPS navigation on the N97 is absolutely useless in Rome without a data plan.  Using only the internal GPS receiver, I was not able to get a GPS lock at most locations in Rome.  On my next international trip, I make sure I get a prepaid SIM that will give me data and a quick GPS lock.
  • The battery doesn’t last a day taking casual tourist pictures even with the phone in offline mode.  For my next trip I’ll make sure I carry at least one extra battery.
  • Qik works great.  I like the fact that you can upload videos later when you have an internet connection.  I was able to post my Qik streams onto my Twitter.
  • NDrive provides great 3D maps just like Nokia Ovi Maps:



  • Even with the flash turned off in camera mode, the LED still flashes before taking an actual photo.  You’ll need to remember this whenever you go to any art museum that ban camera flashes.
  • The N97 camera does not have a shutter sound when in offline mode.
  • Using the touchscreen shutter button seems to produce better focused photos than when using the hard-shutter button on the side of the phone.
  • The Metro app comes in handy to figure out the best transportation route using subways.
  • You can’t upload pictures in Facebook like in Gravity for Twitter.

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